The 8th Saita-March Minuma Two-Day Walk Let’s enjoy the longest walkable Cherry Blossoms Corridor etc.
Saturday , Mar 28 , 2020・Sunday , Mar 29, 2020

Frequently asked questionsfaq

Q.1How can I apply for Saita-March?

Please check her (application page).

Q.2I have applied for Saita-March, but I cannot participate in the event. Can I get my participation fee back?

We are afraid that the participation fee that have already been paid will not be refunded to anyone who has cancelled his or her application, or will not participate in Saita-March.

Q.3Can I change the course (distance), which I chose at the time of registration, on the day of Saita-March?

Yes, you can change the course (distance) to participate on the day of Saita-March according to your health conditions. Please come to the departure place at the time when the course you have chosen starts. You do not need to contact the office for the change.Please see here (event outline) for the reception hours of each course.

Q.4How can I get to the main venue?

It takes about 8 minutes on foot from the East Exit of the nearest station, Saitama-Shintoshin Station.Please check here (event outline) for more information.

Q.5What will happen if I fail to get to the main venue by the end of the reception hours?

Please make sure that you arrive at the main venue during the reception hours because we will give you event materials (including a course map, bib, and memento). Reception will start in descending order of distance. Please note that you will not be able to take part in any course after the anchor (staff member) of each course, who is the last person to depart, has started.Please check here (event outline) for the reception hours of each course.

Q.6I want to go to the venue by car/bicycle. Are there parking areas for cars/bicycles nearby?

We do not arrange any parking space, so please use toll parking areas for cars around the main venue.

As for bicycles, a parking space is set up at Shintoshin Sakura Hiroba (in the north of the main venue). In addition, there are toll parking areas for bicycles around the venue.

Q.7Is the event cancelled in case of rain?

The event is held basically even if it should rain, except for extremely rough weather conditions such as typhoons and torrential downpours.

Q.8Can I participate in the event without prior application?

Yes, you can join Saita-March without prior application; however, we recommend that you make a prior application because we will end reception when the event materials prepared have run out. Furthermore, please note that the participation fee differs from that for participants with prior registration.

Q.9Can I participate in the event only for either of the days?

Yes, you can participate in Saita-March for either of the days; however, please note that you need to pay the same participation fee as those who will participate for both days. We will give a prize to walkers who have walked the whole distance for two days.

Q.10What should I bring and wear?

Please bring your own bento lunch, water bottle or cup, rain gear, towels, and health insurance card (copy), and wear a hat and comfortable clothes. Do not forget to carry a bottle or cup because there are no paper cups available at the water station that is set up for each course.

Hat: We recommend wearing a broad-brimmed hat for protecting you from light rain.

Gloves: We recommend wearing gloves with good water absorbency for preventing cold and swelling in hands.

Coat: We recommend carrying thick and thin coats so that you can adjust your body temperature as necessary.

Underwear: We recommend wearing highly hygroscopic, breathable, and quick-drying underwear.

Trousers: We recommend wearing trousers that are easy to wear and move in, such as sweat pants and spats. Jeans are not suitable for walking because they become heavy when they are wet.

Rain gear: Rain ponchos, rain wear, and other appropriate gear. We recommend carrying breathable-waterproof rain gear with good moisture permeability. Umbrellas are not suitable for walking in a group.

Daypack/waist pouch: We recommend carrying a daypack or waist pouch that allows you to use your both hands freely because that enables you to walk in good posture and in turn prevents you from collapsing with exhaustion.

Shoes: We recommend wearing comfortable old shoes, not new ones.

Socks: We recommend wearing five-toed, thick, and mixed-spun socks, and preparing some pairs of socks as spares so that you can prevent blisters on your foot by changing socks regularly when you have sweated.

Q.11Can I get a course map in advance?

We will give a course map only to participants at the reception desk on the day of Saita-March.

Please submit at the reception your Notification of Participation (invitation card), a payment receipt, receipt, or any other material that can prove your application. Please check here (event outline) for the reception hours of each course.

Q.12Please check here (event outline) for the reception hours of each course.

Please check here (event outline) for the reception hours of each course.

<Walking Leagues>

Mar.: Saita-March – Minuma Two-Day Walk –

Apr.: Chichibu Ittenbe Walking 2 Days

May.: Hanno Shinryoku Two-Day March

Sep.: Kirari Kawaguchi Two-Day March

Nov.: Japan Three-Day March, Hidaka Kawasemi-no-Sato Two-Day Walk

Q.13Are there dressing rooms at the venue?

Please use the tents for changing clothes that are set up in Saitama Shintoshin Park, which is the main venue (the place of departure and goal) (available for free of charge).

Q.14Are there any nursing rooms at the venue?

No,we don’t have any nursing room at the venue.Please use some places each venues.

Q.15Can you leave/keep the luggage st the venue?

We have a clork tent at Saitama Shintoshin Park as the main venue(start/goal),so please use it.(available for free of charge)

Q.16Can I go to Saitama Marche too even it I won’t participate Saita-March?

Yes, the event venue is open to anyone, including those who do not take part in “Saita-March.” A variety of such entertainments as stage shows will be put on at the venue.

Q.17How long does it take approximately to walk the whole distance of each course?

It takes approximately the following hours when a participant walks about 4 km per hour:

5km:Approx. 1 hour 15 minutes

10km:Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes

15km:Approx. 3 hours 45 minutes

20km:Approx. 5 hours

30km:Approx. 7 hours 30 minutes

Q.18Must I wear a bib while walking?

Please make sure that you wear the bib distributed to each participant because it is necessary for us, the event organizer, to identify who are covered by the walking accident insurance in case of accidents and injuries in the event, who are allowed to use the water station, and who receive a discount on the entrance fee of the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum, Saitama. You can bring your bib back home as a souvenir from Saita-March.

Q.19Is there anything that I have to be aware of while I am walking?

Please be careful to drink water frequently before you feel thirsty. There is a water station for each course that is available for everyone who is wearing a bib; however, please note that we do not offer paper cups or any other drinking tools and you need to bring your own bottle or cup to drink water at the station. For the operation hours of the water station, please check the course map when you receive one at the reception.

Q.20Can I retire from the event if I feel sick while walking?

Participants will walk by themselves, and you can go home before you complete your distance if you feel sick. Participants will stamp their respective course maps at three locations, which are (1) the departure point, (2) the checkpoint of each course, and (3) the goal point. Participants who have obtained all of the three stamps on their maps will be awarded for walking the whole distance.

Q.21I want to stay a night in Saitama City to participate in the event. What should I do?

Information on accommodations and hotels in Saitama City is available through the following link. Please make a reservation by yourself.


Kinki Nippon Tourist

Nippon Travel Agency

Q.22Where can I have lunch?

You can have lunch wherever and whenever you want; you can eat your bento lunch in the middle of the course at the water station or a park, or you can get something to eat after you have completed your course at “Saita-Marche,” the food event coinciding with the walking event in Saitama Shintoshin Park, or a restaurant around Shintoshin Station.

Q.23Can I participate in the event while pushing a baby stroller or wheelchair?

Yes, you can participate in Saita-March while pushing a baby stroller or wheelchair as long as you are aware that there may be some steps and stairs in the course. Please pay full attention to safety. (Recommendation : Sunday, 29 5km course)

Q.24Can a person with physical disabilities or handicaps participate in the event?

Yes, you can participate in Saita-March as long as you are aware that there may be some steps and stairs in the course. Those who need assistance should take part in the event with his or her care giver. (Recommendation : Sunday, 29 5km course)

Q.25What is the participation memento?

Each participant will receive a picnic blanket and a pin at the reception on the day of Saita-March.

Q.26What is the special lottery?

A We will hold a special lottery for the paid participants who have completed each courses, and those who win it will receive a 2kg bag of rice cultivated in the Minuma Tambo Paddy Rice Field area. Please check the back side of certification.

Q.27Will those who have walked the whole distance for two days receive a memento?

Aside from the memento given to all participants, those who have walked the whole distance of Saita-March for two days will receive 300 g of rice cultivated in the Minuma Tambo paddy rice field area. We recommend joining Saita-March for both days. You can take part in any of the courses.

Q.28I want to participate in the event as a volunteer. What should I do?

Please contact the office organizing Saita-March (Saitama Sport Commission TEL 048-762-8334; from 10:00 to 17:00; closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays).